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Current Season: 20

Overview for: Bravo Primary
Season Rank Percentile Games Played W/L Ratio Survive Rate K/D Ratio Average Score Adjusted Score Progress Light Medium Heavy Assault
Overall: 5982 89% 114 1.51 45% 3.70 499 259.0 13% 0% 18% 67%
Season 18 29 99.921% 114 1.51 45% 3.70 499 471.7 13% 0% 18% 67%

Current active players: 53608
Current retired players: 165844
Database last edited: 2018-03-14

Ranks are determined by adjusted match score for players who have been active in the last three months.
Players who have stopped playing are still tracked but are placed into "retirement". They will be placed back into ranks if they return but
their latest performance will have significant effect on their placement when returning.

How Adjusted Score Formula is calculated: ((Season Average Match Score)*(Season#^1.8))*(-(1.007^(-TotalGamesPlayed)-1))*(ClassMultiplier)
This will give full score around 500 games and each new season is weighed higher than the last. After this, the score is adjusted based on classes played.

The weight class coefficients are derived from each classes' recent global performance. The current class weights are:
Light: 1.090671842,  Medium: 0.9627151535,  Heavy: 0.9505204456,  Assault: 0.91315593.

Progress is the progress a pilot has made in the current season compared to their average score.