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Rank Tag Unit Name Members Adjusted Match Score Average Match Score WLR Games Played
1EONEON Synergy16391.94387.882.5478050
3JGx1st Jaguar Guards15385.95380.732.2298059
4PHLPhoenix Legion Competitive14353.48346.072.1469643
5-SA-Smoke Adders (373rd Winged Viper Cluster)16349.62345.631.9984575
6EPICEleventh Premanian Imperial Cavalry8342.29356.382.1145180
7228228th IBR Black Watch14339.93346.643.9961977
8RJFRussian Jade Falcon16334.51318.001.5983102
9-42--42- The Answer14327.14327.292.11105980
11-D5-Dropship 518326.72325.442.7180520
12BSMCBlack Spikes Mercenary Corporation19324.72326.951.9772679
14228228th IBR Swamp Foxes16315.15310.942.0362139
15KONGKong Interstellar Security Solutions19313.25313.742.3081706
16MJ12Majestic 1265308.26303.951.40375268
17228228th IBR The Wild Ones28300.64297.431.6799168
19-SA-Smoke Adders (173rd Sky Fang Cluster)11294.14287.091.4458934
20ISMOInner Sphere Mercenary Outfit14292.38298.501.6255106
21-PS-Paragon Sect33291.94290.181.40209406
2212DGThe Sentinels9291.47284.781.4831868
23-SA-Smoke Adders47290.17285.811.49234563
24F 2PPress F to pay respects13287.96284.081.4573634
25WKAWhite Knight Army24285.56287.711.4999715
26-DB-Drapeau Blanc11284.98282.361.4751800
27GOONGOON Salty Samurai18283.91280.281.4569327
29OMCOceanic Merc Corp8282.88289.881.5014655

Units membership last updated: 26 March 2020 06:40 PST
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Database Season: 43
Database last modified: 01 March 2020
Current active players: 23,202
Current retired players: 258,753

Ranks are determined by adjusted match score for players who have been active in the last three months.
Players who have stopped playing are still tracked but are placed into "retirement". They will be placed back into ranks if they return but
their latest performance will have significant effect on their placement when returning.

How Adjusted Score Formula is calculated: ((Season Average Match Score)*((Season#+1)^1.8))*(-(1.007^(-TotalGamesPlayed)-1))*(ClassMultiplier)
This will give full score around 500 games and each new season is weighed higher than the last. After this, the score is adjusted based on classes played.

The weight class coefficients are derived from each classes' recent global performance. The current class weights are:
Light: 1.090671842,  Medium: 0.9627151535,  Heavy: 0.9505204456,  Assault: 0.91315593.

Progress is the progress a pilot has made in the current season compared to their average score.