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Rank Tag Unit Name Members Adjusted Match Score Average Match Score WLR Games Played
1JGx1st Jaguar Guards14405.28396.432.42170887
4EONEON Synergy16386.21387.312.4785106
5ABINA B I N S13379.56372.622.37114203
6G-NXGhosts of Nox8370.41343.501.5820625
8SMRFThe Friendly Smurfs8354.59415.752.546764
9PHLPhoenix Legion Competitive13350.79346.922.1671105
10-SA-Smoke Adders (373rd Winged Viper Cluster)17349.63345.061.92107742
11M4SHPotato Processing Corp21348.34350.671.59166463
12DS-CDark Sea Corsairs16347.37345.441.5786167
14(ME)Mech Enjoyers20340.30329.601.61113126
15-SA-Smoke Adders29333.52328.791.75196334
16KDCMKell's "Danger Close" Mercenaries10333.21324.501.7568334
18228228X - The Storm10326.56324.801.8383641
19RJFRussian Jade Falcon29325.49323.171.65176139
20-42--42- The Answer14323.84328.071.94149484
23DP-SDamage per second Competitive11322.33309.091.3879578
24-D5-Dropship 517320.63321.762.8779913
25BSMCBlack Spikes Mercenary Corporation19319.89326.421.8783926
26228228F - Swamp Foxes10317.60328.202.9149339
27CSPSComStar Postal Service21316.93313.141.39134887
282WAR2nd Wolf's Dragoons Alpha Regiment11314.39324.641.3131484
29MJ12Majestic 1256314.06314.711.40446771

Units membership last updated: 01 October 2023 10:17 PST
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Database Season: 86
Database last modified: 01 October 2023
Current active players: 27,610
Current retired players: 332,559

Ranks are determined by adjusted match score for players who have been active in the last three months.
Players who have stopped playing are still tracked but are placed into "retirement". They will be placed back into ranks if they return but
their latest performance will have significant effect on their placement when returning.

How Adjusted Score Formula is calculated: ((Season Average Match Score)*((Season#+1)^1.8))*(-(1.007^(-TotalGamesPlayed)-1))*(ClassMultiplier)
This will give full score around 500 games and each new season is weighed higher than the last. After this, the score is adjusted based on classes played.

The weight class coefficients are derived from each classes' recent global performance. The current class weights are:
Light: 1.1,  Medium: 1,  Heavy: 1,  Assault: 0.95.

Progress is the progress a pilot has made in the current season compared to their average score.