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Rank Tag Unit Name Members Adjusted Match Score Average Match Score WLR Games Played
1EONEON Synergy15395.18389.602.7162566
3OM-AOne Man Army Team1356.35404.002.37310
412DGRegimental Reserve1352.28340.001.503779
5-SA-Smoke Adders (373rd Winged Viper Cluster)13351.98342.851.9347951
6EPICEleventh Premanian Imperial Cavalry8347.64344.502.2238763
7228228th IBR Black Watch15345.77349.734.0549368
8RJFRussian Jade Falcon17340.04321.351.7066313
9JG-x1st Jaguar Guards19337.52344.112.0665220
10PHLPhoenix Legion17336.32326.472.0170414
11-D5-Dropship 520332.47329.902.8878288
12VAJValor and Justice5329.71327.602.1324584
13-42--42- The Answer14328.98325.292.1085822
14BSMCBlack Spikes Mercenary Corporation20328.36330.052.2571132
17228228th IBR Swamp Foxes12316.31309.002.1643221
18MERCHanseatic League of Free Mercenaries6305.18300.671.5924208
19K-ngWayward Souls1305.02307.001.076583
20228228th IBR The Wild Ones30304.00298.131.7097019
21BB4HBros before Hoes1302.77362.001.40305
2212DGThe Sentinels17301.15292.181.5862489
23MJ12Majestic 1259300.78298.371.36197755
24-SA-Smoke Adders (173rd Sky Fang Cluster)13296.85287.001.4061162
25GB-EGhost Bear - Exiles1294.88303.001.134397
26ISMOInner Sphere Mercenary Outfit12293.15295.671.5940391
27OMCOceanic Merc Corp8291.76289.381.5612037
30-SA-Smoke Adders46285.08277.431.41180115

Units last updated: 2018 July 19 20:16 PST
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Current active players: 63369
Current retired players: 180631
Database last edited: 2018 July 12

Ranks are determined by adjusted match score for players who have been active in the last three months.
Players who have stopped playing are still tracked but are placed into "retirement". They will be placed back into ranks if they return but
their latest performance will have significant effect on their placement when returning.

How Adjusted Score Formula is calculated: ((Season Average Match Score)*(Season#^1.8))*(-(1.007^(-TotalGamesPlayed)-1))*(ClassMultiplier)
This will give full score around 500 games and each new season is weighed higher than the last. After this, the score is adjusted based on classes played.

The weight class coefficients are derived from each classes' recent global performance. The current class weights are:
Light: 1.090671842,  Medium: 0.9627151535,  Heavy: 0.9505204456,  Assault: 0.91315593.

Progress is the progress a pilot has made in the current season compared to their average score.

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